When it comes to large scale printing, you want to make sure that your posters are printed as professionally as possible. In order to do this, you will need to find a good printing company who can offer you the services you require which can include banner style posters, advertising posters or simply printing a design or artwork in a large format.

In order to get the most out of your poster printing, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Do not be afraid of asking for the size you want. A professional printing shop will be able to accommodate your request, no matter what size you are after. Big posters attract a lot of attention and it’s a great way of advertising and marketing your products. Large prints mean people can see them from everywhere. This will result in a larger marketing range as distance will not be an issue between your message and the viewers. With posters, bigger is often better.
  • Take your time when it comes to selecting the right paper because posters need to be durable. Certain paper stocks are better suited for larger prints, so make sure you select a stock that is thick and can handle movement. If you don’t choose the right paper, you run the risk of damage which is something you definitely want to avoid.
  • Make sure the image or text that you have will look good when it’s blown up to poster size. This means checking on the quality and making sure what you have can print on a larger scale and still look good. 
  • While posters will grab a viewer’s attention based on size, you want to make sure the content or imagery on the poster keeps their attention and does not turn them away. In order to do this successfully, it’s important not to cram too many things on the poster so that viewers aren’t discouraged or confused. Bigger is better in terms of the poster but sometimes less is more in terms of the content featured on the poster.
  • Choose colours that will stand out and engage viewers. Consider the colour of the poster and then choose the right colour for the words if text is a part of what you would like printed. If you want people to read your message and understand it, then you have to take colour into consideration. You should also take proofreading very seriously because the last thing you want is a large scale grammatical error for everyone to see once the poster has already been printed.

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Is there still value in obtaining digitally-printed merchandise for your customers nowadays? Definitely, especially in the world of advertising and marketing! It’s a saturated industry that sees the same things over and over again. Putting out a product or brand concept that looks like everything else won’t distinguish your company from others by much. Not convinced? Then here are just a few more reasons why personalized printing is important in 2019.

The Demand for Digital Printing

Currently, digital printing accounts for about 10% of the entire printing market, meaning that more and more businesses are taking advantage of the benefits that come with it. Personalized digital printing allows for a story to be told, both regarding how the company has evolved as well as what they want consumers to know about their journey. Because personalization through digital printing can navigate through several obstacles, it can hurdle, it’s way smoothly into 2019’s marketing landscape.

The Numbers Speak Volumes

You can see just how important personalized digital advertisements are by taking a look at the numbers. An average of one in every ten millennials will purchase a product or service seen through an online advertisement. Since individuals browsing online throughout the day will interact with over 200 scenarios of digital content, it’s time for more companies to jump on the bandwagon. Digital printing will make your brand more relevant and dramatically influence the behaviour of consumers in response to your digital messages.

Put A Face to Your Business

It’s important to make sure consumers have a personal experience with your marketing. One of the easiest ways to do that is to create an identity for your brand. A faceless business isn’t going to draw people in, and it’s not going to help customers trust the products or services you’re offering. One face or several, it doesn’t matter as long as customers know that your business is run by real people, not just automated robots.

Trends in Personalized Printing

On top of your personalized branding showcasing who your company is and how different you are from the competition, it can also be used to connect with the customer on a deeper level. Whether it’s related to the organizations and communities you support or personal stories through a few simple images, you can do a lot with custom digital printing. This is something that truly needs to be considered, not just for 2019, but the indefinite future.


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Altering a design from your computer screen to a physical piece of paper can pose challenges for even the most experienced designers. Printed colours tend to look different than on a display, and those differences are magnified when the finished product is a larger-than-life poster.


Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when printing a poster.

Font Size and Style

Posters are meant to be read from a distance, so make sure you choose fonts that are easily seen from far away. Fonts with clean lines and a bold stroke work best. Keep a close watch on the size too. A general rule is that each letter on your printed sign must be at least one inch tall for every 10 feet of distance between the poster and the reader. 

Attention Grabbing Colour Palette

Some colours are more powerful for posters than others. Pick a colour palette that conveys the emotion and message you want viewers to feel. Think about how your chosen colours will have an impact even when viewed from a distance or in a faint light. Contrast can be a useful tool to amp up the impact of your chosen palette, especially when you want to use softer colours.

File Specs

It is possible that your original file will be only a part of the size of your final piece. The key to making sure that a printed poster is as clean and sharp as it is on your screen is to sort out the technical specs of your file before you start.


Pick a large format printer you can count on, then follow the guidelines to make sure your original file is the right shape, size, dimensions and resolution to produce optimal results. If you start out with a well-planned file, you will run into fewer production problems along the way.

Use Space Strategically 

White space, which is the negative space between design elements, is a useful tool to help guide your viewer's focus to the most critical aspects of your poster. The most effective advertisements are uncluttered and crisp. Don't assume that you have to use every pixel; allow your message to have room to breathe by strategically using white space as a form of punctuation. Change the space between elements to indicate when elements are closely related and should be interpreted as a group or to separate distinct points within your message.

Less is More

Probably the most critical thing to keep in mind when designing your poster is to keep it simple. Even though your sign will be larger than life, viewers will only have a few seconds to notice and understand it. Focus and simplicity are crucial to making sure you get your point across effectively.


Keep your message to a single idea. Then, use bold and clean images paired with short, direct statements that leave no doubt in your viewer's mind about what you want them to know. If you need help creating an eye-catching and stunning poster for your business, contact Picket Fence Graphics. We will work with you to ensure your vision