Is there still value in obtaining digitally-printed merchandise for your customers nowadays? Definitely, especially in the world of advertising and marketing! It’s a saturated industry that sees the same things over and over again. Putting out a product or brand concept that looks like everything else won’t distinguish your company from others by much. Not convinced? Then here are just a few more reasons why personalized printing is important in 2019.

The Demand for Digital Printing

Currently, digital printing accounts for about 10% of the entire printing market, meaning that more and more businesses are taking advantage of the benefits that come with it. Personalized digital printing allows for a story to be told, both regarding how the company has evolved as well as what they want consumers to know about their journey. Because personalization through digital printing can navigate through several obstacles, it can hurdle, it’s way smoothly into 2019’s marketing landscape.

The Numbers Speak Volumes

You can see just how important personalized digital advertisements are by taking a look at the numbers. An average of one in every ten millennials will purchase a product or service seen through an online advertisement. Since individuals browsing online throughout the day will interact with over 200 scenarios of digital content, it’s time for more companies to jump on the bandwagon. Digital printing will make your brand more relevant and dramatically influence the behaviour of consumers in response to your digital messages.

Put A Face to Your Business

It’s important to make sure consumers have a personal experience with your marketing. One of the easiest ways to do that is to create an identity for your brand. A faceless business isn’t going to draw people in, and it’s not going to help customers trust the products or services you’re offering. One face or several, it doesn’t matter as long as customers know that your business is run by real people, not just automated robots.

Trends in Personalized Printing

On top of your personalized branding showcasing who your company is and how different you are from the competition, it can also be used to connect with the customer on a deeper level. Whether it’s related to the organizations and communities you support or personal stories through a few simple images, you can do a lot with custom digital printing. This is something that truly needs to be considered, not just for 2019, but the indefinite future.


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